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“7 years” by Lukas Graham

The first time I heard this song I was in my spin class doing resistance training, pedaling slow, but strong. I was trying to take my mind off of the pain, so I focused on the lyrics. The song starts off saying “once I was 7 years old my mama told me go make yourself some friends or you’ll be lonely” This is the only time his mama is mentioned in the entire song. I wonder if his mom passed away shortly after, and that’s the reason she is only mentioned once. His father is mentioned a few times throughout the song, which makes me believe that he played a bigger role in his life, physically or emotionally. At age 11 he thought he was invincible, smoking and drinking, his life didn’t seem to be heading in a positive direction, so his dad told him he needed to get a wife or he would end up lonely. Both of his parents gave him the same piece of advice, don’t end up alone. Maybe there is something to their advice? You would assume his parents are not divorced, because he doesn’t mention anything about them being separated, but my thought is they are either divorced, or his mother passed away, leaving his father to raise him.

After his spurt of partying he started to focus on his goals, and look towards the future. He says ” I always had that dream like my daddy before me, so I started writing songs, I started writing stories” We know that he ended up in the music industry, but we don’t know what his father did for a living. This verse suggests his dad was also a musician, and that they both had similar dreams they were chasing. That could possibly be the reason he talks about his dad more in the song, because he can relate to him. A dads dream is to have their son follow in their footsteps. He seems to be very self motivated, not by money or fame, but because he truly loves music. The line that speaks to me the most out of this part of the song is  “I only see my dreams, I don’t believe in failure, because I know the smallest voices they can make it major” This is how he got away from the party scene, and became a known musician, he is driven to succeed. Positive thinking leads to a positive life. When he was 20 he got discovered as a musician. At this time in his life he was putting everything he had into his songs, and it finally paid off. Hard work lead him to success, though he didn’t give much detail about how he made it in the music industry.

He talks about wanting to have kids, and how it’s important to have a good relationship with them. He projects about his wife giving him babies he can tell his story to. I don’t think he has kids at this time because he says “or will i have a lot of children who can warm me” so I assume that he doesn’t have kids yet. But he thinks about being a dad, and what it means to him. His dad may have been a great example to him, and he can’t wait to pass that on. I think it means a lot to him to have kids, and that’s his next big step in life, since he accomplished his goals as a musician.

Lukas stops predicting his life at the early age of 60. I believe he does this because his dad passed away at 61, so he doesn’t know what else to look for beyond those years. He could fantasize about life after 60, but he stops there. He may not believe there is much to live for after that, besides watching your children grow. Hopefully he doesn’t think 60 is the end, there is much more life to be lived. He ends the song restating the very first verse ” once i was 7 years old, my mama told me, go make yourself some friends or you’ll” be lonely, once I was 7 years old” I think he ends it this way to say that no matter what happens you need to have people around you, who support you in every stage of life. You can’t go through your life alone, thats the most important lesson of all.