The anatomy of Grey’s Anatomy


As a Nursing major,  I am a little embarrassed to admit how much I love the ABC hit series Grey’s Anatomy. The show has just completed it’s 12th season, and I have seen every single episode. For those of you who haven’t watched Grey’s, it’s an overly dramatized medical show. Filled with sex, confusing relationships, deaths, and the thing that I love most, race, and gender equality. The main character, Meredith Grey starts out doing her surgical internship at Seattle Grace Hospital, and over the seasons she becomes a surgical attending. The cast has had many members come and go, but it’s diversity in gender, and race have stayed constant. The cast predominately female, with their male cast members not any higher in the workplace. There are african american, latino, asian, and caucasian doctors, non of which being favored over the other. Grey’s also tosses in the topic of gay marriage, and interracial relationships. The equality of this show makes it great, but sadly isn’t a great comparison to how the real world workplace is today. So why would the shows creator take this stance?

According to recent studies, the majority of doctors are caucasian males. In Grey’s Anatomy the Chief of surgery starts of as a African American male with a substance abuse issue. When his drinking gets out of hand he no longer holds his position, and it’s passed down to an African American female. She does the job equally, if not better than the male surgeon, and it’s inspiring to see. The show does an amazing job breaking gender inequality. Since the show is so diverse, I believe it is a representation of America. Ideally we are all equal, America is a melting pot, and Grey’s portrays that. Equal opportunity for all races, genders, and sexual orientation. In the show there is an episode where a patient refused treatment from the African American, female chief of surgery, which can be the reality for minority doctors. There is also a lesbian couple who are both surgeons, and there is no change in their career when they both come out and admit to being in a relationship. Women are normally perceived as “soft”, but in this show the men have also had their share of tears, and angry moments. This show is breaking barriers that are still common, portraying an idealistic version of society. Grey’s dabbles anywhere from 10-19 million viewers per episode, so hopefully others catch on to the important topics in the show, not just focusing on the drama. I can say that as a viewer I have believed that as a female I could hold an important position, in a dominantly male field. If that was the creators goal, then it was achieved.

Aside from all of the tv show drama, I love what Grey’s Anatomy stands for. I only hope that as time passes our society can change it’s views. The creator did this for a reason, showing it’s viewers that this is possible. Equal opportunity is one of the main themes continued throughout all 12 seasons. Every character has had their struggles, and successes, but that being based off of their lives, no discrepancy of their race, gender, or sexual preference. Now if only we could match the real world with the equality seen in Grey’s Anatomy, it would be a better place to live.


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