Course Reflection


I was a bit skeptical about taking a contemporary literature class. I am a Nursing major, so I tend to be better at the math and sciences, but I needed to fulfill my last humanities credit. I actually really loved doing the blog posts instead of writing papers, it made things more entertaining. I had been thinking about making a “mom” blog for a few years now, but never quite knew how. Now I know how to set up, and run a blog. These are skills that in today’s world, are very useful to have. It took a bit of getting used to writing something that isn’t so formal, but personally I preferred it. I was a little apprehensive to write my first blog post, the guidelines were vague. That isn’t a bad thing, but for someone so black and white, I wasn’t sure I was doing it correctly. Eunice was there to help the whole way, and I am glad she didn’t give us topics to write on, instead we got to choose things that interested us.

Aside from learning how to create a blog, I also learned how to properly analyze. This class we analyzed text, songs, movies, etc. But this is a good skill to have in everyday life. I find myself pondering over song lyrics, instead of taking everything for face value. I must admit that I am not a huge reader, but there is so much more you can analyze besides books. I am honestly very happy I ended up taking this class. I wasn’t interested in all of the books that we had to read, such as the golden compass, but you will have things in every class that simply don’t interest you, and that’s a part of becoming a better student.

I also really enjoyed the class discussions. It was interesting to see how others analyzed the same text, but in a completely different way. I gained new perspective, which I respect.   Learning that other people see things different from we do, is a good things to accept, and it makes for a great debate. We had quite a few very interesting discussions, I don’t mind speaking in a classroom, so this was an aspect of the class I enjoyed. The conversation journals helped me to keep track of the points I wanted to discuss, or else I would have forgotten my discussion topics.

Overall, I had a really great experience in my contemporary literature class. It was a great way to end my writing classes. Learning how to analyze with such depth, has really opened my eyes to things I would otherwise miss. I would highly recommend this class to others, even if they think it sounds tough, it’s worth it. Eunice Louis was a phenomenal teacher, she is passionate about literature, and it shows. Thank you for a great semester.

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