To be the man, I have to be

This isn’t a recent song, but it’s a good one. I used to listen to it as a teenager, and thought it was about a romantic relationship, until I became pregnant with my daughter. When I was pregnant, I was hyper focused on everything baby related, and this song popped up on my iPod while I was on a walk one night. This song is about a man who just learns his lady is pregnant with his child, and his fears and hopes for the little life they have created together. It’s a very emotional time realizing you are going to become a parent, and this song is him mentally processing through those feelings of having a child.

He starts off the song by saying “Well I just heard the news today, it seems my life is going to change, I close my eyes, begin to pray, than tears of joy stream down my face” The writer has just found out his lady is expecting, he is a bit worried so he prays, then realizes how excited he is, and cries tears of happiness. It’s a mix of feelings, and emotions, but he seems like he is excited for the change that is about to happen. The chorus follows with “With arms wide open, under the sunlight, welcome to this place I’ll show you everything, with arms wide open, with arms wide open.” This chorus represents happiness, a genuine welcoming of his baby into this world. He is ready to welcome his baby with open arms, show them what this life is all about, he seems like he is very invested in the baby.

Baby’s don’t come with manuals, which is a bit terrifying, I kind of wish they did. “Well I don’t know if I’m ready, to be the man I have to be, I’ll take a breath, I’ll take her by my side, we stand in awe, we’ve created life.” This line explains best that you just have to take a deep breathe, and try your best to be a good parent. There are no words to describe the moment you see your little baby for the first time, they are so small, and fragile, and they depend on you to survive. You and your partner are on this journey together, you have created a little life. The chorus repeats, except adding “Now everything has changed, I’ll show you love, I’ll show you everything.” The fact that he worries about being a good dad, means that he already is one. His world has changed, and can’t wait to share the rest of his life with his baby, he wants to give them unconditional love, and guidance. That’s really the best any of us can do, make sure our kids are loved beyond measure, and have the tools to become good people.

If you ask any parent what their main wish for their child is, I bet it will be something along the lines of “To not make the same mistakes I did, or, to not end up like me, but become something much better.” He states that towards the ending of the song, he says “If I had just one wish, only one demand, I hope he’s not like me, I hope he understands, that he can take this life, and hold it by the hand, and he can greet the world, with arms wide open.” I took this stanza as him saying that he hopes his son with be gentle, and loving. Approach the world with arms open, don’t be closed off. The world isn’t trying to work against you, it can be beneficial to see the good in everything, and take life on with a smile. Some people think negatively, in turn living negatively. Positive mind, and a positive attitude, can lead to a positive life. This is also the only line where he makes a reference to the baby’s gender, he is having a son. That could be another reason he is projecting so many of his wishes, is so his son can learn from his mistakes. Maybe he didn’t have a father to love, and guide him through life, and he wishes to do better for his son.

There are going to be so many battles his son with face in life, but he will be there for him every step of the way. It’s so nice to hear from the mans prospective about having a child, more often than not, it’s the woman speaking her mind about the life growing inside of her. Men also have fears, and it’s awesome to hear that side of the story. Take a deep breath, and enjoy the most amazing journey of your life, welcome him with arms wide open.

CREED- With arms wide open lyrics


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